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Green you can feel.

Plant Wall design and installation.


Who we are

Robertson Plant Walls creates vertical ecosystems for plants to thrive. As a licensed Architect, Samuel Robertson has stayed in the front of the latest and greatest ways to make buildings green. With years of grant research and data gathering, Robertson developed an advanced understanding of the best way to create these natural vertical ecosystems. Our plant walls don't just turn heads- you can sense the way they change the air quality of your space. Plants don't want to be in pots. They want to thrive in a membrane network of water transmission, nutrients, and micro-biota. Our systems do exactly this. 

Straightforward Process




Living a Greener Life!



Robertson Plant Walls provides plant walls installed in the same method and material way as the original 1986 designs at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris. Unlike other options in the market, our fabric based system was invented by a team of biologists and architects to best replicate ecosystems for temperate interior environments. 

Robertson has spent over 12 years in the fields of horticulture, design, and construction. This rare blend of experience helped his team arrive as a successful fabricator for this unique specialty finish construction.


Project Gallery

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