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Cost for plant wall installation

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

🌿 The Cost and Complexity of Plant Walls: A Masterpiece of Mixed Trades and Skills 🌿

These lush green installations have captivated the world- gorgeous displays of foliage and plant life that transform how we feel separated from nature. However, behind their mesmerizing allure lies a complex blend of components and skills that contribute to their creation, making them a true testament to human ingenuity.

Almost everyone wants a green wall. Lighting can be installed to make green walls thrive in any space. But what does it cost? We break down the components and skills in this article that show you that plant walls will cost around $100-$300 per square foot, and why.

1. The Components:

a. Living Plants: At the heart of every plant wall are, of course, are the plants themselves. The selection of plants plays a crucial role in determining the overall look and maintenance needs. Factors such as lighting conditions, humidity, and available space must be considered when choosing the right plant species.

b. Vertical Structure: A sturdy and reliable support structure is essential to hold the weight of the plants and provide a framework for the greenery to thrive. Materials like metal grids, wooden frames, or even specialized plant wall systems are used to create a stable foundation.

c. Irrigation and Drainage: Maintaining a living wall can be a challenge. An efficient irrigation system is required to deliver water and nutrients to the plants, ensuring their health and vitality. Additionally, proper drainage is necessary to prevent waterlogged roots and potential damage to the wall.

d. Lighting and Environment Control: Some plant walls are installed in areas with limited natural light, such as indoor spaces. Therefore, artificial lighting and environmental controls may be needed to sustain the plants' growth.

2. The Unique Mix of Trades and Skills:

Creating a plant wall is no simple task; it requires a harmonious collaboration of diverse trades and skills. Our team is able to combine all of these unique skill sets to create systems that don't just work, but thrive;

a. Horticulture: Botanical knowledge is fundamental in selecting plant species that not only complement the design vision but can also thrive in the given environment.

b. Construction and Engineering: Building the support structure demands expertise in construction and engineering to ensure stability and safety, and maximizing design opportunities of your space.

c. Irrigation: Designing an effective irrigation system calls for the skills of professionals who understand water distribution and plant hydration, calculating water pressure, and seasonal changes to the plants changing watering requirements; sizing the correct water basin. Sometimes a plumber may need to be involved for advanced water recirculation systems that are an upgrade from the standard water basin system.

d. Electricians: Artificial lighting is always necessary. Even if the plants get a lot of bright indirect sunlight, featured spotlights on the wall enhance the experience of the wall in a way no-one should miss out on. Electricians are needed to install the lighting components safely, as well as a waterproof socket nearby for any pumps for water basin systems.

e. Designers: The aesthetics of the plant wall are as important as its functionality. Interior designers or landscape architects help conceptualize and bring the artistic vision to life.

f. Maintenance Crew: Once the plant wall is in place, ongoing care is crucial to its longevity. Maintenance crews with horticultural knowledge are employed to regularly trim, prune, and replace plants as needed.

3. Cost for plant wall installation:

The cost of a plant wall can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the size of the installation, the complexity of the design, the type of plants used, the support structure materials, and the overall location of the project. Generally, the average price can range from $100 to $225 per square foot of wall. A horticultural maintenance professional should come once or twice a month to at least inspect the walls and make sure there are no signs of stress, or systems operating out of their ideal calibration. We typically charge 100$ per visit.



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